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About Nancy

Ever since my mother's house was featured in Architectural Digest 20 years ago, I had the inspiration to become an interior designer. Working to create the ideal living space became a passion of mine that still fuels me to this day. From the simple act of hanging a new picture to redesigning an entire household, nothing inspires me more!

People have always told me I had "the eye" for home decor. So after 15 years of working in the business, I now realize that it takes the perfect combination of intuition, design trends, and an overall sense of aesthetics to make my clients' projects truly shine. Every new job I take on is like a commissioned art piece; the furniture is the subject, your accessories are the accents, and the window treatments are the frame. When I'm in my element, no idea is spared, no fabric unviewed, no ottoman left unturned. And in the end, each room re-designed is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. 


Because I want the best for you, I work with the most talented seamstresses, upholsterers, and fabric suppliers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. With this network of diligent, hardworking, and creative people to make it happen, there's nothing we can't accomplish!

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