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Elevate Your Sleep

Bedding Bench Set.jpg

Pillows, Duvets, Shams

An often-overlooked accent, bedding is the centerpiece to your bedroom. My seamstresses and I have over 40 years collectively os experience designing and creating custom-made bedspreads, quilts, duvets, Euro shams, bed skirts, throw pillows, and even one-of-a-kind headboards built and upholstered!

Custom Headboards

Bedding isn't just about what's on the bed; it's also the bed itself. If you have an old headboard with good bones, reupholstery can not only make it new again, but it can be coordinated with specific colors to match your brand new bedding.

Headboard, Revamped.jpg
Bench, Revamped.jpg
Bench, Revamped.jpg

Bedroom Furniture

Whether it's a footboard or a bench, a bedroom set isn't complete unless it's matched head to toe. But with endless fabrics to choose from, the limit is only in your imagination.

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