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Window Treatments

To the untrained eye, a window is simply an opening in a wall that lets light through. But to one with an appreciation for aesthetics, a window is an opportunity.



With countless styles to choose from, drapery is the perfect way to add taste, privacy and balance to your home. Custom made to any style you request, I have access to fabrics from all parts of the world. 

Custom Hardware

But of course, drapes don't just hang themselves! I also have great working relationships with iron workers to custom create hardware in any stain or style to fit your unique preferences.

Hardware Shop.jpg

Window Treatments

Draperies, Roman shades, valances, cornice boxes, shutters, blinds, and verticles are many of the options available that can tie colors together, filter light, and add a much needed accent to an otherwise barren space.


Whether you're going for a classic look, a more modern feel, or something in between, I can pool my resources together to deliver the perfect window treatments for your home!

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