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If you're having a difficult time getting rid of a sentimental piece of furniture,

I can help give you at least one good reason to keep it around for years to come.

Mastery in Motion

My team of talented upholsterers can fix broken frames and replace old cushions and springs, in addition to upholstering all sizes and styles of furniture.

Reupholstered Sectional.jpg

Sofas and Sectionals

It's been in your living room for so long, it's almost like it's another member of the family.

So when the springs break, the cushions wear out, or the fabric is now stained and worn down, don't send it out the back door! We'll take it out the front, and bring it back looking better than your specific taste.

Sunbrella cushions.png

The Great Outdoors

Not only do I have accounts with some of the highest quality patio furniture manufacturers in the business, I also make custom, weather-resistant cushions for barbeque and patio arrangements.

Not all fabrics are created equal, so I make sure to obtain only the highest quality outdoor materials from my suppliers. 

Old Chairs, New Life

I also work with many businesses, renewing chairs, benches, sofas, and more, with my huge selection of fabrics to choose from. 

Foyer Dual Occasional Chairs 2.jpg
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